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So in love with this moon necklace..

Many thanks to create this prettiest necklace. This moon necklace has been my most favourite jewelery. I feel perfect when i wear this pretty necklace..


I love it a lot!

It turns out a bit too small for me, but i love it

Maeve Tiny Necklace
Wiwikk Fisniati


Love it !

I love it because it suits my small wrist. Thank you !

Signature Thin Bangle

Cantik sekali hny ujung2nya agak tajam

Chain Extension
Charissa Faye

love the quality of the product

Gift Wrap
Farhan Ramadan

Sesuai dengan keinginan

Luna Blossom Ring
Lusiana Lusi
Mata nya ilang 1 cepet copot

Mata nya udah ilang 1 lg cepet bgt copot pdhl br dcoba.. ukuran cincin kecil

Lumi Sparkle Ring
Ovin Ananda

Ring is like the photo which was beautiful, but i think its a little too slim while the foto shows a little more thick structure, but overalls still a nice ring

Cute bracelet

Ellie Heart Bracelet with Engrave

Puas bgtttt sama hasilnya, ga mengecewakan sama sekali and worth the price❤️ super cute bracelet for daily use or for present to someone special 😍

Klair Dainty Bracelet
Lilik Mudrika Fazrin
Bracelets klair

I love the design, and it is perfectly fit for me. I just hope that the volume/dimention of the chain bigger than now because sometimes i still worry that it will be broke.

Stunning Bracelet

The bracelet is pretty yet simple but stylish at the same time. The delivery is so fast! Will purchase more in the future


Beli ini untuk menyemangati diri sendiri menghadapi pandemi. Awalnya takut kebesaran tapi ternyata cocok dan cantik di tangan saya yang mungil. Bisa dipakai untuk sehari-hari atau kegiatan formal. Thank you madedifferentco👍🏻

Maeve Tiny Necklace
Lucky .

what a beautiful necklace and team. thankyou guys!

good quality

good quality necklace but not a fan of the soft engravings because its barely visible but overall a cute and simple necklace to wear daily

Rolo Chain Necklace
Annisa Tanzil
So good

Barangnya cantik sekali. Admin juga baik sekali ada kesalahan mereka mau bantu cek kesalahan. Aku recomended bgd sih barang bagus pelayan juga bagus

Very good🤗

Alessia Opal Huggies
Violetta Ranaputri
In love and very impressed!

It's so dainty and very feminine, very beautiful. I have worn these huggies non-stop for about a year and let me just say that I'm thoroughly impressed. The huggies are very secure, they never came off on their own. The opals are still in there, beautiful as ever. The silver color is also still very nice, no sign of it tarnishing whatsoever though I wear it every day for a year, even showered with it! I love the design which was why I bought it but now, I'm very impressed with the quality!

i love it!

Zelda Beaded Cuff
Fenny Fenny
Like it ..

Sukak.. cuma takut copot aja.. 🥰

Eden Chain Huggies
Fenny Fenny
Like it ..

Sukak.. bagus banget.. 😍

Estella Barbell Earrings
Nadhila Nisrina

Akhirnya ngeluarin model barbell. Kualitas bagus. Mungkin lebih banyak variasi panjang barbell nya.

Verlyn Lariat Necklace
Nadhila Nisrina

Modelnya unik, kualitas bagus, respon costumer care nya responsif